Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Grrr. Argh.

12.21 am. I have just finished the 70 pages of reading for my class tomorrow morning, one ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING chapter on statistical conclusion validity and internal validity, and another INCREDIBLY INTERESTING chapter on construct validity and external validity.
I am prepared to admit that if I had in fact begun these readings prior to 7.45pm my life would suck less, but hey.

This just in: I'm sick of all my music. Because I suck, I've got all my music loaded on dirty old windows media player, and it SUCKS LIKE A SUCKY THING at shuffle. It plays the same 100 songs over and over again, which is just dumb because there are....checking....1203 songs on there. So, I've been getting all technical-like and listening to internet radio, which doesn't suck very much at all.
Not like the radio stations here, which suck like a bad, bad donkey. And to really rub salt into the wound of radio-suckiness in the 'Cuse, the mighty rdu is not currently streaming live. So yay for aol indie radio, at least I think thats what its called.

I just had to give Mike directions to my house to pick me up next weekend for the Buffalo/Matthew Good mission. Funny. I have no fucking idea how to get to my house. Thank the good lord for google maps, I say. Wizzo.

At last count, we have managed to get Pitt's comments up to 380.

I have a right cunt of a headache.

I have used variants of "suck" seven times so far in this post. Oh wait, that makes eight. Shit.

I did a dumb test, and I'm a sex goddess, or something. I knew it. I just have to convince Viggo.