Sunday, August 27, 2006

Again, the Emmys disappoint....

....blah blah...shit television wins....blah blah...glorifying reactionary politics and institutionalised violence....blah blah....perpetrating the idea that women are to be judged firstly on appearance, secondly on talent....blah blah....

Hey if I really hated it that much you think I would have turned the telly off, but no.
The highlight was Hugh Laurie co-presenting an award with Helen Mirren, and speaking entirely in French.
The lowlight was the rest of it.

I felt an obligation to waste time on my last evening before school began....yes tomorrow the madness begins....shit.

So, due to the radiation exposure and brain-atrophy I experienced while watching said crap awards show, I am unable to come up with anything really interesting to say, nor do I really have the motivation to process the random sound-byte-like thoughts that are swirling around my head. So here are some pictures from NZ, to prove once and for all, how good it really is to be me (aside from the whole brain-not-working thing of course....)

The view from the front porch at our house in Wanaka

The view from my bedroom at Wanaka. Yes, MY FREAKING BEDROOM!!!!!!!

Stephenson's Arm, Lake Wanaka

Pegasus Bay winery and restaurant, about half an hour north of Christchurch, and home to the finest Merlot on this earth.

Swing Bridge, Kaitoke National Park (Rivendell), Wellington.

Also, because of the excessive BBQing I have been partaking in over the last few days, as a result of being seconded to another department for the coming year and generally being social, I have been thoroughly munched upon by mosquitoes. I have no calamine lotion in the house, and my flatmate's partner said that vinegar does the trick nicely, in terms of stopping the itching.
The result, considerably less bite-related aggravation, but I smell like a London chip shop. Mmmmm. Delicious.
And with that lovely mental image, I shall depart to bed.