Monday, May 29, 2006

This post might not get posted...

Because I'm writing it on me mum's computer which has some pretty severe emotional problems.
Ah, bloggers, I miss you! I miss my daily routine of reading all your mad vaguely coherent ramblings, and I miss being able to contribute to reducing the quality of bloggerdom, one post at a time. ALthough I must say, it doesn't suck at all to be able to sit and talk face to face to friends I have been seeing only in blogs for nearly a year.
Mum's in the kitchen right now cooking me some dinner, I have been at work all day at the old university, and its nice to know I will be getting paid for it at some point in the near future.
I have an icky cold and am deathly tired because I haven't stopped since I got home 2 weeks ago, but still, life is good.

In Indonesia everything's gone to shit yet again, and over 5 thousand people are dead, and East Timor is about to go bung, so please all of you pop over to the sidebar and pick either Oxfam or Red Cross and give them some of your hard earned dollars/pounds/euro/whatever so they can try and get some water and food to the poor bastards who have lost their houses and their loved ones.

Ok thats all, I think I hear a glass of merlot calling me....
Sorry, this post isn't very good.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Australians and other fun things

OK so some sneaky people aka Sarah sneakily arranged, in a sneaky manner, to have a couple of Australians come over for my birthday, which was rather sneaky. First Janine turned up on Wednesday, and then late Friday night The Chad arrived while we were drinking at Sammy's, much to my surprise.
What a nice present.

And now I'm at me Dad's house and have just delivered young Janine to the airport and am about to meet young Chad for his first Dux experience and I know I'm all promises at the moment but a proper blog about the deliciousness of my birthday party and our whistle stop tour of the South Island complete with photos is imminent.

I miss Holly and Rebecca, but its ok cos I bought them crappy souvenir presents.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Update: there is life beyond the internets

I know this because I have been living it!!! So exciting.
I am staying at my sister's house, complete with cretaceous era computer and (dear God save us!!) DIAL UP (oh the horror). So I have barely been checking my emails, let alone blogs.
I have loads of cool photos from LA I am gagging to share with you, and rest assured there will be more tomorrow as well, because The Big Party is tonight, at which I wear my smashing new frock, drink lots of cocktails and see all my mates I haven't seen for months.

And now I must go and get my bad self organised....
Blog friends, I miss you all, and as soon as I have myself ensconced somewhere with broadband at the very least, I will be back.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Los Angeles...

I'm in LA, hanging with bloggers, life is good, going home tonight, yay.
At Sunshine's, with Allbright and Brandon and Ciavarro, got drunk last night with Heather and Tony P and such.... busy having fun to write more.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Goodnight, New York....

Too tired to think!!! My ride to the airport (three cheers for Holly!!) will be here in 4 & 1/2 hours, so I'm going nighty nights now and I will see some of you in LA, some of you in NZ, and some of you in my dreams.
Cheers Syracuse, its been grand. See you in August.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Watch my taillights fade to black....

Right about now I should by rights be doing the dance of happy joyousness, but I am completely wrecked. I just finished my final final paper for this semester, and life is just a wee bit rosier than before. Its not completely awesome, and I will probably read over it again in the morning before I email it to my prof, but the chances of me writing any more or actually fixing it are slim to none.

So to celebrate I am now going to climb into bed with Fox(y) Mulder. Ah, Netflix. How I will miss you when I am at home for three months. Although, I am likely to be doing actual real life fun things instead of sitting at a computer all day and taking short X-Files sized breaks. Wow, it sounds so foreign....and so much like I am a gigantic loser....

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The continuing story of a cat who's gone to the dogs....

Today it is a super scrummywarm day and I have just got my fat arse out of bed and had a cup of tea and now I have to write MY FINAL FINAL PAPER for this semester and then see my friends and then pack my bags and then pack up my room for a possible potential maybe sublet all before 4.45am on Thursday which is when my beloved Holly is driving me to the airport.
Last night I drank Croatian brandy and loads of wine because my Croatian friend's Croatian husband kept refilling my glass about a gajillion times and I can't spell his name properly but am appropriately grateful for the fact that four of us sat at their dining table for many many hours drinking muchos wine and talking until 1.30am.
Then I came home and talked to Tim on Skype and he called me a lush for being boozy on a Monday night and I said "fair 'nuff" or words to that effect.
OK time now to do my hair.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Its blogger birthday shout-out time!!!!!

Today is a good day. Today is the 8th of May (well on the East Coast it will be so on the West Coast in 2 hours and five minutes) and on this day...

- the Mahatma began a fast to protest the British occupation of India (1933)
- Sir David Attenborough was born (1926)
- John Stuart Mill died (1873)
- The Tate Modern Gallery opened (2000)

and my friend Sunshine was born!!!! (an undisclosed number of years ago...)

And look at all the pretty pictures one gets when one does a google image search for Sunshine! I'm not going to post her picture either...haha

So, everybody please run on over to her blog and say Happy Birthday To You.

Sweetie I am SO EXCITED about our LA adventure its not long now, and thank you for hosting me, and I can't wait until this weekend's Blogstock!!!

Doing the happy dance already....

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I just wrote this sentence....

"While theories of the global political economy premised on the notion of abstract individualism (such as Adam Smith) subscribe to the notion that economic activity can be apolitical and objective, the historical materialist perspective that recognises the inherent subjectivity and social construction of reality precludes the notion of a universalistic human nature and therefore the existence of an objective realm of activity".

...and it makes me sound way cleverer than I actually am.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Last night.....

We had a party.....lots of people came....loud music was played......there was dancing......booze was was had......a mess was made of my house......and this morning in a rush of blood to the head I decided it would be a really good idea to clean the house......half the furniture is still on the porch.....can't be bollocksed moving it.....have papers to write.....holy fuck what was that all about on Lost am confused/intrigued....have a smashing day....

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I can always tell when a whitey's talking out of his ass. It's a gift.

Holy crapola the internet is evil it truly is I kid you not.
Otherwise how do you explain the fact that its now 8pm and I'm still working on my paper and am not that far through it really but I am completely up-to-date on upcoming episodes of CSI NY and the original CSI and actually went to the CBS site and looked at the picture they've been advertising on the telly that supposedly gives a clue to whats going to happen in the final episode and its got this magnifying glass feature and the only thing I could see was that CSI Warrick Brown was looking Fine.


Also it was kind of hot today which was all well and good but kind of hot in the rest of the world means Hellaciously Hot in my bedroom and so I've had the fan going for the first time this year and its not really doing that much but now its raining and everything smells scrummy so I want to go and sit on the porch but no can do because I have this fucking paper to do arse shit fuck cunty bollocks.

Ok bye.
Rockin' the Suburbs

Its 10.54am and I have to write a paper today well not so much write a paper but somehow manage to turn about 35 pages of average into 25 pages of brilliant and its a scrummy sunny day and I want to cover my freckles in suncream and go outside and play but thats really not going to happen.
In one week's time I will be on my way to LA to see my friend Miss Sunshine who is very pretty you should all know.
Before that I have to do this paper today and then write my IPE paper which I haven't even started and write a report for my methods class and do some other stuff for that course as well and pack my bags for three months at home and find someone to sublet my room so I don't have to pay all the rent when I won't even be here.
Ok stop blogging then and get on with it.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I feel sunburnt...which is funny, cos I'm really not.

There is really no purpose whatsoever to this post....

I bought a Death Cab For Cutie album...its good. I am probably the last person to jump on the Death Cab For Cutie bandwagon but hey.
I am a crazy person who thinks shit up for no apparent reason than to drive myself even pottier than I already am. This is not news, merely an observation.
I did a presentation tonight, it was awesome. Now I only have 3 final papers to write....PIECE OF PISS MATE!!!!
It is entirely possible that due to last weekend's poor showing, the Mighty Crusaders have played themselves out of a home semi-final, which does indeed suck the big one because I was looking forward to sitting in the box with my beer and sandwiches and cheering them on.....but also means that planning my party just got a lot easier. My Chc party, not my 'Cuse party or the LA party.
Read this its funny.
I just did the most awesome beer burp it made my nose tickle and was just brilliant.

Ok bollocks to this I'm going to bed.
Don't you hate it when....

You write something in an email and you assume its going to be taken as me taking the piss, and then you get a response that seems as if it could go either way, either taking the piss right back or actually being pissed off at what you said and you don't know which one to choose?
Also, having this happen when you have a brain that decides not to turn off when its bedtime and so you know that you'll lie in bed awake for hours stressing about this tiny insignificant little thing when if you were going to be awake for hours it would at least be for worrying about something really important?

And don't you really hate it when you have to pee and your roommate is in the bathroom?

Monday, May 01, 2006

Holy fucktacular fucksicles Batman!!!!

Right bitches here is the news.
There is a part-A at my house (in the 'Cuse) on Friday and if you are within cooee and I don't hate you then please come to it so I can pretend I have friends.
Otherwise come to the party we're having in LA the Friday after that.
Or come to the party I'm having in Chc the weekend after that.
(The me not hating you clause applies to all three)

So many parties.
So little......wait.....there must be SOMETHING I have too little of....*time passes while Claire munches on Triscuits and tries to figure it out*....