Monday, May 08, 2006

Its blogger birthday shout-out time!!!!!

Today is a good day. Today is the 8th of May (well on the East Coast it will be so on the West Coast in 2 hours and five minutes) and on this day...

- the Mahatma began a fast to protest the British occupation of India (1933)
- Sir David Attenborough was born (1926)
- John Stuart Mill died (1873)
- The Tate Modern Gallery opened (2000)

and my friend Sunshine was born!!!! (an undisclosed number of years ago...)

And look at all the pretty pictures one gets when one does a google image search for Sunshine! I'm not going to post her picture either...haha

So, everybody please run on over to her blog and say Happy Birthday To You.

Sweetie I am SO EXCITED about our LA adventure its not long now, and thank you for hosting me, and I can't wait until this weekend's Blogstock!!!

Doing the happy dance already....