Thursday, May 04, 2006

Rockin' the Suburbs

Its 10.54am and I have to write a paper today well not so much write a paper but somehow manage to turn about 35 pages of average into 25 pages of brilliant and its a scrummy sunny day and I want to cover my freckles in suncream and go outside and play but thats really not going to happen.
In one week's time I will be on my way to LA to see my friend Miss Sunshine who is very pretty you should all know.
Before that I have to do this paper today and then write my IPE paper which I haven't even started and write a report for my methods class and do some other stuff for that course as well and pack my bags for three months at home and find someone to sublet my room so I don't have to pay all the rent when I won't even be here.
Ok stop blogging then and get on with it.