Thursday, May 04, 2006

I can always tell when a whitey's talking out of his ass. It's a gift.

Holy crapola the internet is evil it truly is I kid you not.
Otherwise how do you explain the fact that its now 8pm and I'm still working on my paper and am not that far through it really but I am completely up-to-date on upcoming episodes of CSI NY and the original CSI and actually went to the CBS site and looked at the picture they've been advertising on the telly that supposedly gives a clue to whats going to happen in the final episode and its got this magnifying glass feature and the only thing I could see was that CSI Warrick Brown was looking Fine.


Also it was kind of hot today which was all well and good but kind of hot in the rest of the world means Hellaciously Hot in my bedroom and so I've had the fan going for the first time this year and its not really doing that much but now its raining and everything smells scrummy so I want to go and sit on the porch but no can do because I have this fucking paper to do arse shit fuck cunty bollocks.

Ok bye.