Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Yin and Yang strikes again.....

Read 'em and weep!!!

It almost makes up for the dizziness, exhaustion, burning throat and chunks of stuff I keep coughing up.
Ah, being sick is truly sexy. But its all ok, because soon I'll be better, and then I'll be going to Coachella.
SUCK ON THAT....*launches into coughing fit and falls off chair*

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Djobi, Djoba

Gypsy Kings rocked (I want them to play at my sister's wedding), Roger Sanchez was awesome, The Mexican restaurant with the 1 litre margaritas was fantastic (Hest and Bridget you need to go there!!), our tiny hotel room was cozy, even the four hour drive from here to Jersey and the train ride into Manhattan was fun!
My man is the bees knees, all that and a packet of crisps, he put the bop in the wop bop a loobop etc etc. Also, he smells really good.
Man, I am so loved up right now, its disgusting.

However, every rose has its thorns, and so we had to come back home and go back to work, and of course because I'm such an old fart, I can no longer handle the jandal, as it were, and I can feel that I'm getting sick.

But back to the good news, the flipside of the flipside, as it were, I may be going to Costa Rica for Spring Break.
Again, please send money.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"If you live in a council flat"... "beside a river"... "but are not blind"... WHAT? WHAT?! "What is your mother's maiden name?" What's her first name? I just knew her as Ma! Ma! That'll have to do. Ma... possibly deceased.

I have been trying to do my taxes, so I'm channelling Bernard and being distracted. The thing I can't figure out is that last year the IRS gave me $650, yet this year by my feeble calculations I owe them $290. So I've given up and am awaiting rescue by the lovely tax-software people at the International Student's Centre.
The stinky old IRS are shit out of luck if they think they're going to get money out of me, they should know I have precisely diddly-squat.
Hahaha, good luck you wankers.

In other news, I'm going to the Big City this weekend to see the Gypsy Kings and Roger Sanchez and stay in a swanky hotel in Times Square and the whole thing was a total surprise I found out about yesterday because my man is awesome. Bring on Saturday, and look out Manhattan!!

Also, please give me buckets of money, cos I've got none. Thanks.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Three things

1) I shovelled the snow off the front porch and steps and hurt my back and now I'm all ouchie.
2) My hair looks fantastic right now.
3) I want a new template, in red and black.

Ok bye.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Today school was closed for apparently the second time in 25 years*

Do you ever have a dream that causes you in the morning to go "what in the sphincter of hell?" yet the more you think about it throughout the day the more it makes sense?
Last night I dreamt I was going through all this old stuff of mine and I was in a big hall that was full of people I know and everything was white and shiny; and in my dresser, which for some reason were also in the hall; was all this junk jewellery all brightly coloured and shiny (I think I am a magpie) and I was so happy to have found it because it was all so pretty and completely useless. I am reminded of a similar dream I had many years ago that I told someone about at the time, and that person explained my dream to me so perfectly that the metaphors have remained with me since and most likely prompted last night's dream. Recently I was having a fairly intense conversation with two close friends about dreams and the stuff that really scares us right at the very core of our beings and I recounted a recurring dream I have that causes me to awake screaming and that gets right at the meat of the Things That Really Scare Me, and all the things that dream means to me, and I think ever since then I have had a worry in the back of my mind that I will have The Dream again even though I haven't had it for over a year, which leads me to believe that I am having dreams about pretty shiny coloured things to distract my mind from The Dream.
Ah, isn't the mind a wonderful thing? It has built in defence mechanisms.
Its really weird, because in the last few months, I think since Christmas, the occasion has arisen for certain things to be discussed, the sort of things that you normally and thankfully forget about, and on the occasion you remember you are disappointed that you couldn't forget them for just a little bit longer. There has been no particular reason for these things to be discussed, its just coincidence more than anything: places I went to with my family, things we talked about, things that we went through together and separately that for some reason ended up being discussed. Strange. Anyhoo.......

In honour of VD today I sat and watched the telly for 2 hours and drank scotch and even talked to the boy on the phone. Nobody can go anywhere at the moment because even though the roads get ploughed occasionally, there is still a mountain of snow across the driveway, even if you can get the car out of the carport and down the drive which is buried under a couple of feet of snow. /sarcastic font Its lovely -/end sarcastic font

*although school definately closed today, the above may be a total pork pie.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fuck this shit

Ah, Claire is stressed and therefore unable to write complete sentences, and can only utter long strings of profanities.
The air has turned blue....

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Oh God you owe me one more song so I can prove to you that I'm so much better than him

Things I've learnt in the last 24 hours
- My kickarse chicken salad (tm) works just as nicely with potato instead of chicken
- "Mono" is a great song for running to
- There are only 75 days until Coachella
- If you talk to each other, relationships are so much better
- Johnny Knoxville makes me turn into a sixteen year old girl in that I have an overwhelming desire to snog him

Ok thats all for now.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday morning 12.35am

Post removed due to effects of harsh reality of daylight and advice from a friend.... it may yet reappear who knows.
Its nice to be able to rant now and again, don't you think?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I know I'm kind of late to the party, but I've just been faffing about creating my dream radio station on Pandora. Its the freaking business, and I don't think I will get any more work done for the rest of the semester cos I'll be too busy getting down with my bad self.

On a similar theme..... I just bought the soundtrack to Tsotsi on iTunes and not only is this a movie YOU MUST WATCH NOW the soundtrack kicks arse.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Love it, love it, love it!!!!

For more VD goodness, go here.
Send at least one. Go on.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday Bloody Cold Sunday

Or, the one in which Claire drinks beer and watches sport.
Went to the basketball yesterday, Syracuse beat DePaul. Basketball is fun, we likes it we do. Got drunk, ended up at some party being hosted by law students drinking vodka and cranberry. I now have a very overhung bf. Completely adorable when hes hungover, all cuddly and sleepy.
Today is Superbowl Sunday, and I am enhancing the cultural experience of living here by participating in a Superbowl Party. Yep, going to a friend's place to drink beer, eat chips and watch football, and I use the word "football" in the most flexible way.
It will be a hell of a challenge to actually watch the game without commenting on:
(1) the number of breaks the players take, namely about one every two minutes
(2) the body armour and helmets and kevlar the players wear, not to mention the completely naff shiny tights
(3) the fact that there are about 100 guys on the team and almost the entire team is rotated every few minutes
(4) the extreme specialisation of each player who seems to be able to do about 2 things and then sits on the sideline for the rest of the game
BUT I am going to try! I think its unfair to ask anyone from rugby country to fully appreciate American football, because while on the surface it may seem the two games are similar, they really are so completely different, especially when it comes to the players.
Rugby players are hard men, there is no doubt about that. Their legs are the size of tree trunks, the only thing they wear in terms of bodily protection are the occasional mouth guard and tape around the ears, and they play straight for 40 minutes with maybe one or two stops, so someone can pick up their teeth or set their broken arm.
So this is why it appears I am constantly dissing American football, because when you're raised on rugby, it seems like the sport for poncy gits. But like I said, I am keen to give it a fair go.
Go Bears.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday, 7.13pm

During class today I got a message on my phone from ticketmaster saying there was some kind of problem with a ticket I had recently purchased and that I had to call them back as soon as possible to resolve the issue. Of course, my first thought was "Oh Fuck they've shagged up my Coachella ticket now I can't go this is the end of happiness". My second thought was "You useless cunts can't a person complete a simple ticket transaction without you messing it up". So after some time on the phone, and the immense difficulty the woman on the phone was having understanding me (its called the English language, lady!!!) it turned out that even though the billing address on my credit card is in NY, the fact that my credit card is from NZ prevents me from being able to buy my Coachella ticket on it. Of course, the actual transaction that took place online, after which I checked my bank account in NZ to ensure the money had in fact gone through and my ticket was paid, wasn't equipped with the ability to tell me this at the time, so instead I had to waste ten minutes of my life on the phone.
The outcome however, is that I still have a Coachella ticket, and fingers crossed the money from my NZ credit card will soon be refunded, or you may rest assured that ticketmaster will bear witness to 20 years of misplaced anger.

But its ok cos today is Thursday and I've done my Lenin presentation and I have a glass of wine and its possibly quiz night and its definately CSI night and er is on too and all I have to do it write a lesson plan for the classes I teach tomorrow and then I can sit and watch a dvd damn its good to be me.