Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday Bloody Cold Sunday

Or, the one in which Claire drinks beer and watches sport.
Went to the basketball yesterday, Syracuse beat DePaul. Basketball is fun, we likes it we do. Got drunk, ended up at some party being hosted by law students drinking vodka and cranberry. I now have a very overhung bf. Completely adorable when hes hungover, all cuddly and sleepy.
Today is Superbowl Sunday, and I am enhancing the cultural experience of living here by participating in a Superbowl Party. Yep, going to a friend's place to drink beer, eat chips and watch football, and I use the word "football" in the most flexible way.
It will be a hell of a challenge to actually watch the game without commenting on:
(1) the number of breaks the players take, namely about one every two minutes
(2) the body armour and helmets and kevlar the players wear, not to mention the completely naff shiny tights
(3) the fact that there are about 100 guys on the team and almost the entire team is rotated every few minutes
(4) the extreme specialisation of each player who seems to be able to do about 2 things and then sits on the sideline for the rest of the game
BUT I am going to try! I think its unfair to ask anyone from rugby country to fully appreciate American football, because while on the surface it may seem the two games are similar, they really are so completely different, especially when it comes to the players.
Rugby players are hard men, there is no doubt about that. Their legs are the size of tree trunks, the only thing they wear in terms of bodily protection are the occasional mouth guard and tape around the ears, and they play straight for 40 minutes with maybe one or two stops, so someone can pick up their teeth or set their broken arm.
So this is why it appears I am constantly dissing American football, because when you're raised on rugby, it seems like the sport for poncy gits. But like I said, I am keen to give it a fair go.
Go Bears.