Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday, 7.13pm

During class today I got a message on my phone from ticketmaster saying there was some kind of problem with a ticket I had recently purchased and that I had to call them back as soon as possible to resolve the issue. Of course, my first thought was "Oh Fuck they've shagged up my Coachella ticket now I can't go this is the end of happiness". My second thought was "You useless cunts can't a person complete a simple ticket transaction without you messing it up". So after some time on the phone, and the immense difficulty the woman on the phone was having understanding me (its called the English language, lady!!!) it turned out that even though the billing address on my credit card is in NY, the fact that my credit card is from NZ prevents me from being able to buy my Coachella ticket on it. Of course, the actual transaction that took place online, after which I checked my bank account in NZ to ensure the money had in fact gone through and my ticket was paid, wasn't equipped with the ability to tell me this at the time, so instead I had to waste ten minutes of my life on the phone.
The outcome however, is that I still have a Coachella ticket, and fingers crossed the money from my NZ credit card will soon be refunded, or you may rest assured that ticketmaster will bear witness to 20 years of misplaced anger.

But its ok cos today is Thursday and I've done my Lenin presentation and I have a glass of wine and its possibly quiz night and its definately CSI night and er is on too and all I have to do it write a lesson plan for the classes I teach tomorrow and then I can sit and watch a dvd damn its good to be me.