Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"If you live in a council flat"... "beside a river"... "but are not blind"... WHAT? WHAT?! "What is your mother's maiden name?" What's her first name? I just knew her as Ma! Ma! That'll have to do. Ma... possibly deceased.

I have been trying to do my taxes, so I'm channelling Bernard and being distracted. The thing I can't figure out is that last year the IRS gave me $650, yet this year by my feeble calculations I owe them $290. So I've given up and am awaiting rescue by the lovely tax-software people at the International Student's Centre.
The stinky old IRS are shit out of luck if they think they're going to get money out of me, they should know I have precisely diddly-squat.
Hahaha, good luck you wankers.

In other news, I'm going to the Big City this weekend to see the Gypsy Kings and Roger Sanchez and stay in a swanky hotel in Times Square and the whole thing was a total surprise I found out about yesterday because my man is awesome. Bring on Saturday, and look out Manhattan!!

Also, please give me buckets of money, cos I've got none. Thanks.