Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I feel sunburnt...which is funny, cos I'm really not.

There is really no purpose whatsoever to this post....

I bought a Death Cab For Cutie album...its good. I am probably the last person to jump on the Death Cab For Cutie bandwagon but hey.
I am a crazy person who thinks shit up for no apparent reason than to drive myself even pottier than I already am. This is not news, merely an observation.
I did a presentation tonight, it was awesome. Now I only have 3 final papers to write....PIECE OF PISS MATE!!!!
It is entirely possible that due to last weekend's poor showing, the Mighty Crusaders have played themselves out of a home semi-final, which does indeed suck the big one because I was looking forward to sitting in the box with my beer and sandwiches and cheering them on.....but also means that planning my party just got a lot easier. My Chc party, not my 'Cuse party or the LA party.
Read this its funny.
I just did the most awesome beer burp it made my nose tickle and was just brilliant.

Ok bollocks to this I'm going to bed.