Saturday, December 02, 2006

Kinda kinda like I'm in love!!!!

So.... the doorbell rang about 6pm yesterday, it was my friend the UPS guy, with my new computer. I was so excited I actually jumped up and clapped and squealed a little, he had a wee laugh at my silliness and said "Its always nice to make someone's day". Dude's lucky I didn't kiss him.
Anyway, I am officially in love with my new toy, I spent the evening playing with it, installing stuff, making out with it etc. When I was setting it up my friends were over and we were watching Wallace and Gromit... so the installation popped up with "you need to name this computer". Imaginatively enough, my last one was called Claire..... so this one is called Gromit.

Meet Gromit, sitting on top of the old computer, to indicate its complete smallness and cuteness, and total superiority. Toshiba getting pwned.

Further indication of said smallness and cuteness. CD and pen added to indicate scale.

Wallace and the other Gromit.

In other news, please go and say Happy Burpday to Miss Grace.

I have photos of the awesomeness of NYC and the ugliness of NJ, but right now I have to do my washing so you will have to wait. Bask in my computer's awesomeness while you do so.