Monday, June 25, 2007

Rent a flat above a shop, cut your hair and get a job

I sent this photo to the Man of my Dreams last night, just in case he has forgotten what I look like.
Do you like my new glasses? They kind of look a bit like Charlie's, I think.

My room, last night. Yay for a camera built into my computer.

Lindsey, aka "Whorebag" sent me a parcel today from Michigan..... a replacement drawstring stripy backpack with a unicorn on it, just like the one that got nicked the other day. Yay for her.
PS I'm allowed to call her that, cos thats what she calls me.

Samara, Costa Rica, March 2007.

Sing it Ben!!!

Ben and Karen's place, December 2006.

After this encounter, I have decided that giraffes have moved up a few notches on my list of favourite animals.

Orana Park, Christchurch, January 2007.

If you have seen the Narnia movie you may recognise this landscape. Or not. Whatevs.

Castle Hill, January 2007.

Right now I am feeling an interesting mix of virtuous and totally knackered. Yesterday I drywalled for 6 hours ( quote: God made you tall, so you could drywall!!) and today I did my pilates thing and my gym thing. Muscles go ouchies!!
Is 6.50pm too early to go to bed?

This post brought to you by the maxim that a picture is worth a thousand words.