Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday updates

- house and dog sitting again. Much cable and doggie love.

- still recovering from Thursday night's stress. Rumours are doing my loaf.

- can't figure out why I am so tired. Perhaps I have some exotic disease.

- I know I am a sad old nana because given the choice I would rather stay in most nights. See above.

- It turns out that the sainted Sir Thomas More was really rather wrong re: Dick the Shit, and perhaps Dick the Shit was really not that much of a shit after all. My dad will be well disappointed.

- the weather is getting to be so that I can wear my slippers. This brings whole new levels of Happy to my life.

- things are beginning to be ok again, perhaps for the reason that after the twelve car pile up I am more aware of myself and what's going on and am no longer fumbling through in the dark.

- Argentina spanked Ireland today in the rugby, the Irish who were playing like a bunch of guys who had never met each other before, while Argentina proved Henry's claim that a champion team will always beat a team of champions. After the match O'Driscoll pretty much admitted as much.

- I watched Blood Diamond, and am able to admit that while he will never be forgiven for the steaming pile of turd that was Titanic, that DiCaprio boy is one ridiculously good actor.

- I also watched Life, one of NBC's new programmes. Its pretty good, and stars the ginge who was the bad mofo on the new version of the Forsyte Saga.

- my auntie is one of my friends on facebook.

- 73 days to go.