Saturday, May 31, 2008

AOL Radio: only mildly sucky

On winamp there is a Brit Pop station, which I tend to listen to quite a lot because the radio stations in this town suck gigantic turds. Most of the time its pretty cool, as in right now they are playing the mighty Stone Roses "I am the Resurrection" which seriously shizzles my nizzle.

One problem however, actually two problems.
One is called Coldplay: Yes they are British, but they really need to be played on the "whiny annoying fuck-off-and-leave-me-alone" station.
The second is called Radiohead: Come on. If I wanted to listen to music made by suicidal squirrels that features random noises and a whiny voice that makes Chris Martin look like Captain HappyPants, then I would listen to the "Pretentious Art School Wanker" station.

Get off my Brit Pop you bastards!!!!