Sunday, June 22, 2008


Yes its great to be home. 
Yes I miss my friends in the US.
No, I don't miss the heat. 
No, I haven't finished my dissertation. 
Yes, I am going to be a teacher. 
No, I haven't recovered from the jet-lag.
Yes, I miss my wireless internet access.
No, I don't miss the crap food. 
No, I haven't uploaded my photos to Flickr yet cos I can't get my laptop to work on my mum's internet connection. 
Yes, I am excited about getting on with my life. 

Strange, I have been feeling short of breath. It's almost like I can't really breathe until I get back here, so what is normal breathing anywhere else feels like being short of breath here. 

Gotta love that clean green nuclear free New Zealand air.....

On the phone to ISP tomorrow about installing a second plug for the internet in my room. There is a good chance I will be residing at Chateau Mum for some time.... at least until she gets tired of me and kicks me out, then I'm off to Chateau Dad. I have become so spoilt with internet access and I'm really not so ready to give it up. 
Is that sad?