Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ruby, don't take your love to town

So busy busy busy...... and also slack......

Working at the restaurant, finishing up the section at school, thinking about my teacher's college stuff, trying not to think about my PhD, trying my damndest to get the last of my university job done. 

I'm frightfully tired all the time, so I've started taking my vitamins again. I'm also considering taking days off and doing some relaxing. I'm also considering a meal of steak and spinach, I hear thats good for one's energy levels. 
Last week I had a dry week, as in a week off drinking. No glass of wine with dinner!!!! It was thoroughly awesome, and of course I had loads of energy and felt completely virtuous and spent the week polishing my halo. However, right now I am sitting here with a glass of lovely buttery chardonnay because today I earned it, working 9 hours in the restaurant. Tomorrow... a day off!!! 
Perhaps I will go for another bike ride, perhaps I will clean... who knows. 

Its a mystery. 

I love a good mystery.