Wednesday, March 07, 2007

And so it goes....

First stop, San Jose, because thats where we fly into and out of. One night there, and time for some museums, a city walk-about, perhaps even a meal or two.

Then its off to Monteverde, where I can pretend I'm in a beech forest at home. A couple of nights there, including some mountain trails, the cloud forest, birds and monkeys, and general prettiness.

After the green, its time for some blue; namely the beach, and back to my beloved Pacific Ocean. A couple of days on the Peninsula de Nicoya for sun, snorkelling, swimming, chilling, reading and some serious hammock-time.

In my near future I see some fresh air, some pina coladas, a couple more freckles and about six weeks of awesome packed into 7 days.

If I don't return, take good care of each other, and Sunshine can raffle off my Coachella tickets and keep the money.