Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pathetic plea for cash much?

Costa Rica was great, many photos were taken, and much fun was had.
However, the fact that our trip was extended five days longer than intended is threatening to put the financial ixnay on the much anticipated Coachella Blogger Geek Fest 2007.

Now I know that you would hate to see me sit and home and cry while my friends are larging it up rocking out to Rage, so here is your opportunity to help, and live vicariously through me!!!

Look to the left of the page.... see there where it says Paypal? Not just for decoration, you know.
Anyone who donates money to the Get Claire To Blogchella Fund and emails me with their postal address will be rewarded with a souvenir postcard from the very event!!! It will be just like being there!!!

I figure if Tony Pierce got an iPod, I can at least get a few bucks to.... eat.