Thursday, April 05, 2007

Are there heart strings connected, to the wings you've got strapped on your back?

One thing I have learnt in my few years on this planet is that sometimes its ok to be not ok. For years I would struggle through, always believing that breaking down or taking some time to heal was a sign of weakness. I refused any help that was directed my way, and the consequences were messy to say the least.
But now I've learnt to say that I'm not fine, and to take a little time out to fix whatever is broken, or to reconcile myself to its new shape as the case may be. Right now, I'm not ok. I know I will be ok again soon, but right now I need some time. Which explains why I nearly kissed my law professor the other day when he said I could take an incomplete for the course, and that he would sign off on whatever I needed.
This weekend I am dogsitting, so Maggie the Mega Puppy and I are going to have some quality walkies and snuggling on the sofa time, and spend just a little while not working.

The upside of the trauma and drama of the last couple of weeks is that I've lost 8lbs. Woohoo. Maybe I will fit into my summer clothes after all......

And now I have to pontificate on Fanon. Fun.