Sunday, April 01, 2007

You want to know why I can't sleep unless I've got a belly full of wine

Yes I live out loud and I have to say things sometimes to other people because there is simply not enough room in my head and sometimes I blog things that others wouldn't for much the same reason things get so confused inside my head and its so cramped that I can't see them clearly for all the clutter so I have to get them out so I can see them properly then I can make an attempt at figuring them out.

So, it is done.

And now I can remember all the good parts, because half a year is a fairly significant amount of time really, so I must keep remembering my reasons which is a double edged sword because while I remain convinced I did the right thing I am continually reminded of the disappointment I felt when I thought he was different and I thought I could count on him.

I guess that will teach me.