Thursday, August 09, 2007

Reason #74 why Stephen Colbert is The Man

Even his icecream is awesome.

Cordell says that I shouldn't be allowed to eat this icecream because it should be for proper Americans, but I say in that case he shouldn't be allowed to eat pavlova and that seemed to do the trick.

Last night I waxed my eyebrows and my skin has rebelled against the waxing ouchies and
today has delivered me a zitty treat.
Lovely, thanks skin.

Speaking of deliveries, the Canadian cat I am looking after left a rather stinky delivery in the bath-tub this morning. I suppose I should be grateful he didn't leave it in my bed, but I am still considering designs for a stylish cat-skin winter hat.

And having had my fill of Colbert-flavoured awesomeness, I shall adjourn to my room and let the paint-stripping and sanding continue.