Sunday, March 09, 2008

Given the time and the moon, you look a lot like her

I say this quite a lot I know, but how on earth did we manage ANYTHING without the internets?
I've just spent the last 10 minutes comparing flights on for this June's Tennessee (and possibly the mythical pirate state of Arkansas) musical adventure.

I can sit here in my jammies and compare flights from Memphis to LA with flights from Little Rock to LA, and then compare a trip from here to Memphis and from Little Rock to LA with a trip from here to Little Rock and from Memphis to LA.
The verdict is that there is obviously something seriously spiffy about flying in and out of Memphis because its hella expansive compared to Little Rock. Perhaps Memphis airport is gold plated or something.

I still don't know if I am driving south or flying cos it looks like Paulie is going south a week early for a thing and I am yet to decide if I am better off driving with him early or hanging about here and flying south the day before Bonnaroo. Ideas?
He is going to be in one of the Carolinas, which according to the map in the back of my diary are both right next to Georgia, which is next to Alabama so I could go and stalk Harper Lee.
Surely between us we can find something to keep me amused for a week in the deep South (on the cheap, cos I am church-mousey in my poor-ness).

Viable suggestions welcomed.