Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Holy crap I am a blogging machine

Three things.....

Number one: I know there are rumours that he was a dirty pervert and while he was found innocent of all related kiddy-fiddling charges, as Ben reminds me, so was creepy Michael Jackson. HOWEVER!!! As a bit of a geek it would be remiss of me not to mention the passing of one of the twentieth century's greatest brains, Sir Arthur C. Clarke.

Number two: I am way too excited about this.

Number three: I had no water in my building for about 4 hours this evening and while that doesn't sound much like an ordeal in the global scheme of things, and really it wasn't, it just happened to coincide with me wanting to do all sorts of watery things such as wash the dishes, flush the loo and have a leisurely hair-washing leg-shaving shower. I had to wait, and I am really not very good at waiting.
Its probably character building.... most things that suck are.

OK cos I can't count, number four: In a very brief conversation with the delightful Sunshine this evening, the following phrase was uttered: "You say potato, I say fucking bitch".