Monday, August 29, 2005

The news at ten

First up in the bulletin today, New Orleans has been evacuated. Its miles away from central New York, so we're ok. Still, sucks to be them.
In sports news, way to beat those South Africans.
In technology news, Time Warner sucks big time arse. I can't get my wireless loving at home, but I can get it in the department, so its not a hardware problem, so I call Time Warner and the man says its a problem with the wireless card I have so I tell him no you dumb fuck it works in the department why won't it work on your stupid network so he claims its a software problem so I say what do I need to do to fix it and he says call back on Monday and talk to a technician but I can't can I because our home phone has gone belly up so we can't even call them to say our phone is broken because our phone is broken.
In entertainment news, on Saturday night Claire got really quite drunk and had loads of fun and ended up at a random party explaining patterns of internal conflict in the Asia Pacific region to some fine looking men. Needless to say, Sunday was a bit of a write off.
In financial news, the aforementioned drinkathon was well cheap because the graduate student club put the booze on. However, I'm still a bit skint.
And finally tonight, a human interest story.
I was having a meal with a friend over the weekend, who had me in fits of laughter, by referring to the very English ritual of a cup of tea, as "British crack".
....(insert generic newsy type music here....)