Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Summer time....

Beer outside on the deck, no shoes, t-shirts, the smell of suncream, salads, hot nights, sweat, wasps, sunburn, being constantly thirsty...wait. I got a bit off topic there.
Summer good. For the most part.
I, however, being a native of the South Island of New Zealand, am in no way whatsoever, equipped to deal with the heat. It kills me.
I see people walking around in jeans and shoes and cardigans, while I'm in a skirt and singlet top, dying of the heat. Someone was wearing a jacket the other day.
I mean, are you fucking crazy? Its 28 degrees!!
That is hot hot hot.
I was in the Greek Islands for a good few months one summer, like for the whole summer and some weeks either side, and in retrospect I don't quite know how I didn't die. It was very common for the temperature to hit 40.
But thanks to the marvels of airconditioning, and Syracuse University's most lovely library, I am now happy in climate controlled comfort.
I must say though, the last two nights I haven't had to have my fan running all night so that I might sleep. I considered it last night; thought to myself "Its a bit warm. Perhaps I should put the fan on?" and the next thing I knew it was 7am and my alarm was blaring at me.

I haven't got my computer at home set up with teh internets yet (that one was for you, Tim), and these silly computers at the library won't let me upload to Photobucket, so I'm afraid you are going to have to live without a photo of me, my new university, my new bedroom, me doing silly stuff, me doing drunken stuff, me at my new university doing silly drunken stuff etc, until I have spoken to the nice people at TimeWarner (mmmm. evil corporate conglomerate.) and got myself some online action (no, not like that!! Get your mind out of your knickers!!) and can post pictures.

You know, here they actually say "have a nice day"? And I think some of them even mean it.
America is strange.
Please send pies.