Monday, January 15, 2007

How you turn my world you precious thing...

Guess who's back (na na na).
Yep, back in Shitsville, USA, armed with a packet of TimTams, two jars of Marmite, the latest copy of the Listener, and several litres of the finest NZ Sauvignon Blanc and Monteith's Summer Ale making its way through my veins, I return to the Great Satan for another semester of fun and games.

Its raining now, it was hailing last night, and the sunburn I got in Castle Hill is rapidly fading.

However, I did have a lovely night in LA with the delightful hostess with the mostest Sunshine but be advised one and all, that a Corona at Dulles airport in DC is $4.99. Given that the same beer is about half that here, the signs around the airport advising customers that one will not pay more for an item within the airport than one would in downtown DC generates a combination of mirth and fear that one's eventual time in DC for fieldwork will cost a gigantic arseload of money.

For those who have never seen it, this is what Claire Happy looks like. Of the bajillion photos I took while at home, about half are of the little peanut sitting on my lap there. The other half are of her sister. The third half are attempts to get their pre-teen brother in a photo, or of funky rocks at Castle Hill.

And now, after being back here for approximately 36 hours, it must be time to unpack my bags. Note, however, that my bags haven't been back for 36 hours; as is the custom with United airlines (hereafter known as Untied airlines), my bags took an unaccompanied adventure. They are getting better though, last time only one of my bags went AWOL, this time both of them went. On the plus side, they reappeared within 12 hours this time, in August it took them 3 days to find my stray belongings.

In other news, lovely boy back tomorrow. School starts tomorrow. Potential clash of a class I am taking with a section I am teaching. And so it begins....