Monday, July 23, 2007

Rainy Monday afternoon, T-Minus 3 days until moving

Things that suck include, but not limited to:
- having one's purse stolen. It is still a pain in my arse.
- going to Social Security.
- waiting at Social Security.
- finally getting to the counter at Social Security and being told that you have to come back with a different piece of paper to get a replacement card.
- going back to Social Security Security some days later with that particular piece of paper, waiting in line, and finally being told by an officious little germ of a man that the piece of paper you were told to bring was in fact the wrong piece of paper and that you need to go back to the university and get a whole other piece of paper completely, despite the fact that I am not even applying for a Social Security card, only trying to get a replacement for the one that was stolen.

Things that are at the time immensely satisfying, but are not recommended for daily activities:
- walking out of the Social Security office and into the hall, jumping up and down and screaming "FUCK" at the top of one's lungs.

Things that do not suck at all, and that in fact may be defined as Completely Awesome:
- Holly and Tyra.
- long lunches sitting outside under the verandah with Holly and Tyra eating cheese and quesadillas and chips and dip and drinking wine and talking for over 2 hours.
- Rainy Monday afternoons.

You heard it here first.