Thursday, May 03, 2007

My Coachella

Silversun Pickups
Arctic Monkeys
Jarvis Cocker
Sonic Youth
Gogol Bordello

The New Pornographers
The Decemberists
The Arcade Fire
Blonde Redhead
LCD Soundsystem
The Good, the Bad and the Queen

Kaiser Chiefs
Willie Nelson
Lily Allen
Amos Lee
Crowded House
Damien Rice
Rage Against the Machine

23 bands in 3 days: not too shabby

Highlights included:

- Interpol, but I think I mentioned that already
- hanging with cool people
- not being at school for a few days
- Ron Jeremy introducing Peaches
- Rage playing "Wake Up", aka "Claire's fav Rage song"
- Holland Chase losing a bet....
- Meeting some of my fellow countrymen, who mocked me for my alleged South Island accent.
- the people, did I mention the people?
- The Decemberists' audience participation involving yelling and whales.
- Impromptu party on Saturday night with mad Kiwis, Aussies and Canadians, as well as a few Americans, that resulted in the riot police being called out, complete with shields, dogs and teargas.
- Texting my Dad to tell him I was at a Willie Nelson concert

But now I have some of that pesky school work to finish..... shit.