Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Say hello to the angels

I'm still a bit in shock from the sensory overload of it all, but here are a few things from my weekend of awesomeness.
- deserts are hot
- Sunshine is Good People
- Heather D is buckets of fun
- Holland Chase and "Joshie" ((c) HKD 2007) give teenaged boys a good name
- Interpol rocks my world, and made me cry
- One can very quickly get sick of having to use Porta-Loos
- Pepsi is nasty, but does help in the bajillion degree heat
- A lot of Rage heads are wankers, but Rage themselves fucking rocked the party
- Its a bit rude when you can't take your own food into a venue, and then they charge you $8 for something that would normally cost $2 or $3
- Willie Nelson fans smoke a lot of weed
- despite the heat and the dust and the prices and the considerable distance from here to California, Coachella was worth every single fucking penny