Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday 9.27pm

Ok I'm a little drunky. BBQ at my new landlord's house, apparently their Cinco de Mayo party is a regular occurrence: there was not just a keg, but a freaking BEER TRAILER and huge big things of margarita and tacos and it was awesome and now its freaking early Sunday night and I'm kind of off my chops and have already had to correct loads of my spelling already and its weird that I can type better when I'm not looking at my fingers....... anyway the moral of the story is...umm.... margaritas are good, as are Mexican holidays that allow one to drink on a Sunday for no other reason than its near the 5th of May.
Also, my cold? Still completely out of control.
That will be all for now, aside from this: sneezing, while awesome, does get tiresome after about one's bajillionth sneeze.