Thursday, May 31, 2007

Use once and destroy

Sometimes I think the universe hates me... and then I realise all the incredible things I have in my life and I give myself a stern talking to for having a pity party when millions would give their right leg for half of what I have. Maybe their left leg, or an arm. Who knows. Anyway....

Suffice to say I am a pretty shitty situation right now. Part of it is my own doing, part of it is his doing, and part is the responsibility of that evil bitch Circumstance.
The real kicker is that there is no way out of this situation that doesn't suck significantly, for at least one of the parties involved. Another thing is that I just want to get on with my life and my summer and all the things I have to do so I wish I could get the whole thing out of my head.
So I'm sitting here preparing myself for the worst and hoping praying wishing for the best, and when I say best I mean the outcome that sucks the least for me.
I thought it was my turn. Maybe I was wrong, but I hope like I have never hoped for anything in my life that I wasn't.

Also, I think my iPod knows what is going on. I'm walking home from the bank, trying to get this whole mess out of my head, so Chris Knox's "Not Given Lightly" comes on. Really? Oh come on!!
Yay for the ability to skip to the next track: Powderfinger, "My Kind of Scene"...Placebo, "Your Taste in Men"... Nick Cave "Let Love In"...Elastica, "Connection".... The Datsuns "In Love"..... seriously? Is my iPod taking the piss? Finally one that makes sense, after skipping through all these "lets rub Claire's nose in the giant 12 car pile up that is her lovelife" songs I find one that seems mildly appropriate.... L7, "Shitlist".

In less navel-gazing related news..... Rocky is pretty damn good fun. Go and say hello.