Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I live in the house of Awesomeness

OK so I has the internets now. Yay.
20 minutes after I got it I broke it, but thanks to some mad skills on my part I fixed it. Nothing at all to do with the phone call to the guy from Time Warner who was no damn use at all.

These days my life consists of tripping over boxes, unpacking boxes, attempting to do some work, hanging out with some Good People and occasionally stripping paint. OK so the paint stripping has been for about 20 minutes this evening, but it still counts.

An online campaign for donations is under construction, but its not for me, its for an unlucky little feline friend who broke his leg. Cat orthapedic surgery is hella expensive, did you know?
Also, do you know if you have to be a real person to have a PayPal account, or can a cat have one? Details and more cute pictures of the invalid to follow