Tuesday, July 13, 2004

For some reason....

I have Abba's "Ra ra Rasputin, lover of the Russian Queen" in my head. Go figure. Am attempting to drown it out with the dulcet tones of White Zombie, cos hes my boogie man. Yeah.
Anyway, contrary to popular opinion I am not rotting in prison due to choking one of the noisy neighbourhood brats, but I do feel an update is in order.
Hmmm. There has been a lot of sleep going on. Some of which I don't plan on doing, as in setting alarm clock for 9.30 am, and waking up at 12.30 pm, but I figure I must really need it. Either that, or someone is spiking my hot chocolates.
I'm back to working five nights at the restaurant, which is really not as bad as it sounds, cos theres some pretty cool people that work there, and its usually reasonably fun. Of course, there are some complete knobheads as well, but for extra fun I mock them. So its all good. I'm not getting as many hours as I want, but I'm working on wearing them down, and given my tendancy to get what I want, I'm sure things will improve on that front. I'm also doing this research thing, not doing as many hours as I probably should due to the above mentioned sleeping tendancies, but that too is improving. The good thing about research is that theres not really too much brain-power involved, so I can have the tunes cranking while I work. Its always nice when you're getting paid to listen to the Beastie Boys.
As for the Grand Plan, well, its looking ok. I've yet to summon up the wherewithal to email The Guy at Yale that I want to study with, and who potentially has the means to get me into the course, but I've had two Stats classes already, which will hopefully help improve my chances, and am not completely lost. Yet. Give me time though.
Any suggestions on strategy for Operation Get Claire To Yale are most welcome.
I've also been spending a bit of quality time with my sister, for whom I struggle to come up with appropriately positive adjectives. Shes fucking awesome though, as are her children. One remains constantly in awe of her abilities to raise her children and stay sane and do all the other stuff she does as well.
I was going to have a big rant about the Sensible Sentencing Bastards that are all over the radio at the moment, and how the leader of the opposition is a complete twat if he thinks that harsher prison sentences are going to deter criminals, when anybody with half a brain knows that shit don't roll, and that to stop criminals you need to break the cycle of violence and poverty, not lock them up for longer where they'll just learn to be better criminals, but I'm not going to cos I'm in one of those contended type happy moods, and I don't want to get all riled up.
I think the presence of my lovely cosy new red tracky pants have a lot to do with my good mood.
I'd better work now. Have a smashing day.