Thursday, July 01, 2004

I Caned That Bitch

And just like that, it was done. Fellas and fellesses, I have finished my thesis. It is being perused by supervisors, and all things going to plan will need only a small amount of touch up work in about a month, then I can send it off to all the important people who are gagging to read it. Ok, so theres not too many of them, but I'm allowed to dream.
Its funny the amount of people who wished me luck. Its sweet, but really a thesis has absolutely nothing to do with luck. Theres a certain amount of luck with essays and exams, in that you want to right questions etc, but theres really only one thing needed for a thesis, and its sure as shit not luck. Its motivation, the ability to get there at 9am and stay until 1am, and just suck it up and work your arse off.
Although big ups to all who wished goodness my way, much appreciated.
And also thanks to people who sent me good wishes upon finishing yesterday.
Today I slept until midday after a night of a wee few wines and videos and trivial pursuit (party hard!!), then my darling mother took me out for lunch and made a really sweet toast to me with some hair-of-the-dog Wither Hills Sav Blanc (yum) and we proceeded to shop!! I got new trousers, a somewhat belated birthday present, and walked the length of the obscenely large Northlands Mall.
Needless to say I'm absolutely exhausted after such a hard day, so having turned down an invitation to go out, I'm all tucked up in bed, like the old nana that I am. I'm saving my energy for tomorrow night's posh frocks and cocktails mission. I will also need a bit of energy tomorrow, cos while I was at uni all that time, some buggers come in and messed up my house. Its a complete shit-tip, crap everywhere, so a part of tomorrows mission is to put everybody's stuff back in their rooms, close the doors, and clean!! Its disturbing how happy the thought of doing that makes me.
I had a thought the other day, what the fuck am I supposed to blog about now that I don't have my thesis? Uhoh!! I'm starting work on the Marsden Project on Monday, so hopefully I can delight you all with the details of that wee ripper.
Yay, I hear you all chorus.
And like that, I'm going nighty-nyes. Cos I can!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!