Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Mmmm. Chocolate.
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This is the block of chocolate that my sister bought for me and my bro-in-law (ie her hubby) to eat while she was away for a long weekend in Auckland. Notice the assorted objects in the picture, there to provide scale, so that the sheer hugeness of our chocolate block can be fully comprehended.
So, she left on Thursday at lunchtime. Needless to say, by Friday night the chocolate was completely gone.
But now my beloved sister has returned to reclaim possession of her children, and Aunty Claire is once again free. Phew. I need a drink.
Am giving serious consideration to a tubal ligation. I have no philosophical objection to having children, in fact I think that me and the object of my stalking affections would have lovely babies. But damn, I would need a serious amount of speed to cope with being a parent.

The other day I saw an old woman walking down the road and she had on a purple head scarf and the way it was tied around her head made it look like she had a pruple moustache and beard.

The frost this morning was really pretty and I wanted to stop and take a photo to post it but I couldn't stop cos some fucknuts was driving right on my arse and I would have been smashed into. Frosts in Canterbury are so picturesque. I will miss them.

I am so tired that my peripheral vision is starting to get a little shaky. The next stage is hallucinations. Well, more so than usual.

The Paris Hilton thing went down quite well. I'm curious as to whether anybody else in the world has managed to integrate Paris Hilton into a lecture on political economy.

Three weeks and two days.