Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Scary thoughts

Its official. I am now a lecturer. Yes, at a real live university. With real live students. They sit there and listen to what I say, and write it all down, and ask me questions and everything.
I am responsible for their education. Well, for the next three weeks anyway, until my section of the course is finished.
Still, I'm quite impressed.
Until in about a month and a half when I become a student again.

I made a decision last night.
I have the option of bucket loads of work in the next four weeks, lots of research and stuff, but given that I'm about to embark on a full-on PhD programme at a pretty fucking good (and therefore pretty fucking full-on) university, I think I'm going to take it easy for a while. Sure, I have to complete my lecturing contract, and mark their essays, and corrupt their young minds a little, and do a bit more research work on the project, and rewrite some stuff (which actually sounds like a lot of work, but I've got four weeks), but I'm also going to Wanaka for a weekend with my best girlfriends (minus one who will be in Melbourne) to sit in the spa and drink champers, and I will spend time with my sister and my parents and friends and generally not burn myself out. (That was a really long sentence. Sorry.)
Cos that seems a bit dumb really. This scholarship thingy is probably the best opportunity I have ever been given (aside from being blessed with these legs) and I think I'd be a daft cow to not give myself the best chance possible to kick its arse, and go into it all set to go, rather than being a burned out wreck.
So, its 40 hours a week or less (although 30 would be better) and this weekend is the last one that I will spend in my office. I'm going to hang out in the Arts Centre and go to the movies and go out for dinner and take walks in the hills and all that fun stuff that normal people do.
So there.
I'm ignoring the fact that I have about $7 until next Thursday. Man, thats not even a movie ticket. Arse.