Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A weekend away, a photo essay.
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Day one.
Doesn't, however, show the half empty bottle in the fridge.

Day two. Three girls vs. two boxes of steinlager and six bottles of wine. Saturday was a bit of a poor day for Team Boozer (tm), as one of us hardly drinks at all (not me, der!!) and another was feeling a bit rough after the bottle and a half of wine the day before (OK, that one was me.)

The final result: two beers left in the fridge (a present for the next person) and half a bottle of sauvignon blanc in the chilly bin (a present for me and my sister when I got home). Not too bad an effort, all things considered.
Wanaka being the wee town is it, we had to bag up all these bottles, drive ten minutes out of town and dump their smelly arses at the recycling centre.
Save the planet, and all that.

The remnants of a box of crackers, a block of blue cheese, a couple of tomatoes and a jar of dolmades.
I was so fucking happy while I was eating that.
It helped that I was sitting in the spa, of course....