Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The view from heaven
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Spa-pool vision. This is how I spent the majority of my weekend. Oh yeah.
Behind those clouds is Treble Cone, and on a clear day a lovely view up the Matukituki Valley, towards the Rob Roy Glacier. Nice.
Now I'm all glum because I'm back here and I have disgusting amounts of stuff to do and I really wanted to go to Hell and eat pizza and see War of the Worlds so I texted Ben and he never texted back probably cos he has no money on his phone cos he never does cos hes got no job so I asked Sheryl and she said we could see something else so we agreed on the Fantastic Four and then she found out she has no money so can't go after all and Tamara has to cook dinner for her mum and Tash is at work and Bridget isn't home and Sarah is also at work besides shes already seen it, as have most other peopleI know and I should know better than to arrange something at such short notice cos it hardly ever works out and I feel like Nigel NoMates.
Which is silly, because I've invited a fair few people to my going away dinner next week. And I know I don't have a huge amount of mates, and I'm fine with that, cos most people are either complete dicks or are stupid neither of which I can tolerate. I prefer to go for quality over quantity. Besides, I don't have the energy to keep up with loads of people.
But just in case I've missed anyone out, or if you need a reminder, my going away dins is next Wednesday at Tulsi, 6.30pm. My thoroughly marvellous (am channelling John Campbell. Its my new hobby, don't you know) sister is organising the whole thing, bless her socks.
Right. I'll see you then.

The definition of happiness, part one.
So pretty.
Please note the presence of Calvin and Hobbes book on the coffee table. This contributes greatly to one's happiness.

The definition of happiness, part two.
It is not possible to be wearing these socks and not be happy. I challenge you.

The definition of happiness part three: Waking up to this view from your house, and spending the weekend with two of your favourite bitches.

Now I'm happy again.

8 sleeps.