Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Right then. Who wants to buy a car?

Cos this sexy little beastie is most decidedly for sale.
Go on, I know you want it. It goes really fast. I've the demerit points on my licence to prove it. In other news however, I have been sitting here in my office for over an hour now, and guess how much work I've done?
Oh yeah.

I had my last lecture this morning, and am Having A Break.

I've been working on lectures and assorted other things until 11 every night, and then getting really crap sleep cos I'm stressed, then getting up horribly early to do the same thing over again. Despite all my good intentions to take things easy before I left, I haven't had a day off for over six weeks. Theres some very good news about that though. I have one tutorial to take this afternoon, and one tomorrow morning, then I'm done and on Friday I'm going to Wanaka to sit in the spa, kick some Trivial Pursuit arse, walk up some mountains, sit in the spa some more, drink some chardonnay, sleep lots, and read. And sit in the spa. Perhaps I mentioned the spa once or twice?

We have a spa. Its on the front deck of the house, and its got a wee shelf to put your wine glass (or bottle) on and theres a fantastic view of the mountains and the lake and general NZ type beauty. So thats where I'll be. Soaking in the spa.

I'll take some photos. Heres me in the spa. Heres the view from the spa. Heres me drinking wine in the spa. Heres Hesty and Sarah drinking wine in the spa. Heres me eating my dinner in the spa. Heres me draining the spa to get rid of all the booze and food from it.

Fifteen sleeps until New York. Feck.