Tuesday, October 11, 2005

If you could see yourself now baby, it's not my fault, you used to be so in control, you're going to roll right over this one

Things that suck
- earthquakes. My flatmate is from Islamabad, and when she came home after hearing the news of the quake, her face was grey. After many long and horrible hours on the phone and internet, she discovered that her family is one of the lucky ones. They were not physically harmed, but because of the quake and the aftershocks, her three year old cousin is so horrifically traumatised he will not speak or let go of his parents. That child will probably never be the same, and yet he is one of the lucky ones. Her family have lost close friends, and heard the people trapped in fallen apartment buildings crying out for help when nobody was available.
- mudslides. I don't have a personal anecdote for this one, but it still sucks mightily.
- the current US government. One really gets a taste for just how incredibly it sucks living under it. Bush bad.
- Robert Mugabe.
- wet socks
- chapters in text books that have to be read and are entitled "Quasi-Experimental Designs That Either Lack a Control Group or Lack Pretest Observations on the Outcome". No, I am not making this up.
- Mean people
- those fuckers that use live cats and dogs for sharkbait. I have seen the picture and can't get the image of that dog's face out of my head. I would really like to use the people that do that as live bait. For really hungry bad tempered premenstrual angry bears and tigers. And target practice.
- The fact that I can't afford to go home for Christmas
- missing Rosie's birthday

Things that don't suck at all
- Going on a road trip this Friday
- the following quote from my very funny political science prof, heard in today's class: "anarchy is not a desk".
- my moo boots
- Saranac Adirondack Lager
- the fact that my mum will be here in less than three weeks
- the phenomenal supermarket mission I went on last night. Four different shops, enough food to last for weeks, less than a hundred dollars
- my black Doosh pants
- Thai sweet chilli sauce
- blogging
- Bowie
- being within $600 of Paris (hi Tara. J'adore.)
- having the self control to step away from the blog and get started on one's readings for tomorrow mornings class.