Friday, October 21, 2005

I'm thinking now, I've got a better way: I discovered a star, I've got a better way; ready, set, go; a new killer star, I've got a better way; stars in your eyes, I've got a better way; ready, set,go

Right then.
Enough of that. Its time for some linky lovin'.

New trailer for The Chronicles of Narnia. Check it, how fricking good does that movie look? Only, like REALLY FRICKING AWESOMELY GOOD!!!! Last Christmas (I gave you my heart....) I bought the complete set of books for my nephew and he was so excited because he'd heard about the movies and was especially excited when I told him I knew a centaur. Scary but true.
After you watch the trailer, you may like to take a look here to figure out exactly who owns that deliciously gorgeous voice of Aslan. Or, you may not be a big dumb thicko like yours truly and figure it out all by yourself.

Also in movie news, Mr Potter has a new trailer as well. Trailer number 2. Yep, just had to watch it again. According to some very disturbed friends of mine (you know who you are...), young Hermione is, and I quote, "a work in progress". At least in this trailer she is beginning to look a bit grown up. You're still sick bastards though.

I like this guy. I may have to buy him a drink. Or not.

Sara is having far too much fun, jet setting around Europe and generally being fabulous. Jealous much? Moi?

Speaking of things French, T-Dog is working on shifting the universe so that I may go to Paris for NYE. You know, just cos I can. We loves her, yes we do precious.

Otherwise, things are just tickety-boo and ka pai and all smoochies and love.

How about you?

EDIT: Chad Jeremy Eglinton, I have found your twin. And he is an evangelical Christian who has fathered 16 children (that he admits to...) see them in their scariness here. And here. Praise the Lord you are only twins on the outside.