Sunday, July 18, 2004

Its Shitty Customer Update Time Again
Yes people, we have another contender for Cunt of the Year, and he was in at my work on Saturday night, demonstrating what arseholes people can be.
I was working in the bar, where we have a wee telly up in the corner, and the rugby was on. We are very much not a sports bar however, and this is blindingly obvious to anybody who has ever been there. Or so I thought....
So Arsehole comes in and says, can I turn the sound up on the telly? I say no, cos the bar is full of diners who are happily eating their dinner, listening to the music and talking to each other, and who presumably made the choice to not dine in a rowdy sports bar. So then I go through to the restaurant to do something very important, like make a hot chocolate for myself, or give the chefs shit, I can't remember, and when I get back in the bar, Arsehole has turned the sound up on the telly, and the bar now resounds with rugby commentary. I say, as nicely as possible, Hey Fucknuts, I said no, turn the sound down, this ain't no sports bar and theres a whole bunch of other people here besides you, you inconsiderate knob-rash. Of course he responds with the standard I'm a paying customer, I'm bringing business in for you, you should be as nice as possible to be and when I behave like a complete arsemuncher you should just bend over and take it cos you are a mere restaurant worker and I'm out with my very important friends and am therefore a vastly superior person to you because you work in a bar and are worth no more than the dog crap I wiped off my boots this morning.
So Claire puts on her bestest fake smile, and says listen mate, don't do me any favours, we've got plenty of customers who don't want to listen to rugby, the rules of this bar are no sound on the telly, if you don't want me to kick you out, then turn the fucking volume off.
Arsehole then wants to "talk to the manager", and while I'm tempted to say "you're talking to her already and she says fuck off", I go and tell her that Arsehole wants to talk to her. But instead, the owner wants to bring the smackdown, so of course I have to go through and listen to this. Now my boss is a great bloke, hes a real charmer, and manages to tell Arsehole and his arsehole mates to turn the telly down, leave me alone, and be nice, and hes been running this restaurant for 14 years and what he says goes, and leaves them smiling! Now thats a gift.
So now I'm back in the bar, and Arsehole turns round and says to me "you really gave us some shit there, and I'm really not interested in being your mate tonight" (first direct quote so far in this blog). Tempted as I am to respond with "hey I'm sorry, you've mistaken me for someone who gives a flying fuck about your opinion, I would be ashamed to be your mate, even for one day" I put my best sickliest sweet smile on and say "You know what, I've got all the friends I need, I think I'll survive". (direct quote number 2)
So not only did Arsehole embarrass himself by being shitty to a mere bartender (whos ten times smarter than him) in front of his friends, he proved that some people suck, and that when the smackdown needs to be brought I've got the boss on my side.
So what have we learned? Be very nice to people who serve you in bars and restaurants. They have the power.