Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bloggy McBlog of Blogville, Blogland.

Now there's no need to be silly.

One of my students just came to see me, to talk about the essay questions I set for this paper I'm teaching. Fair enough. He had a perfectly valid question, but I was having immense difficulty answering it, not because I didn't know what I was on about (HA! like that ever happens!) but because he had the most beautiful eyes I've seen in years. Since the Russian dumped me. (bastard) (he had such pretty eyes...)
They were a lovely chocolatey brown, really kind eyes, and he had the longest thickest eyelashes I have ever seen on a man who wasn't in drag. They were just breathtaking. So I'm trying to explain to him about the principles of Athenian democracy and the ways in which MMP attempts to address the impractibility of participatory democracy in the modern world (am loving political theory at the moment, by the way) by creating a more comprehensive system of representation, and all the while suppressing the urge to stare into those lovely eyes.
*Swoons in manner of Mills and Boon character or similar*
What really made it interesting was the fact that I had been reading Ciavarro's blog, so the page was up there for Lovely Eyes boy to read all about porking Oprah. I saw him looking at it.

I have been getting a few strange requests as well. One student has just emailed me to ask for an extension for the essay which is due this coming Monday, on the grounds that he's only been in the course since the second week, and only found out the questions two days ago. Apparently the fact that the questions have been available via the course handout, the secretary's office and the website is inconsequential to his request. Needless to say, said request was greeted with a resounding "Are you fucking kidding me you complete knob-rash do I look like I give a flying fuck about your inability to distinguish your arse from your elbow, let alone find out the requirements for an essay, the due date and essay questions for which have been publicly available for a month?"
There's really no helping some people.

Am going to Wanaka tomorrow, so I may be absent for a while.
Don't cry, I'll be back.
Unless I manage to dissolve myself in the spa.

Did I mention the spa?....

Also Chad, once you've managed to drag yourself away from Worlds End and back to the Dead Centre, please let me know your blog address, cos I lost it when I changed templates. Either do the comment thing, or email it to
Spank you very much.