Sunday, August 08, 2004

Sad Old Cow

No really, I've had a whole 330ml bottle of Steinlager, and am several sips into my second one, and am feeling a bit pizzled. Oh dear. I remember the days when I could drink half a bottle of vodka, party through the night, and be at work at 9am the next day. Now I'm a one-can-wonder, a Cadbury special as it were. Glass and a half. Am showing my age. UhOh. Time to start lying about it I think.
Its Sunday night and I'm chilling out after work, giving serious consideration to going to bed, and half watching Alien Resurrection while catching up on blog-reading. Brad Dourif is one freaky dude. And the bloke that plays the captain of the ship that brings the prisoner bodies to the alien experimenter guys has a really sexy voice. Plus theres the added bonus of that really hot bloke from CSI, and Sigourney Weaver, cos shes really cool. So all in all, a lot better than people say.
Went to see Hellboy on Friday night, I thought it was pretty cool. Mind you, I think I'm pretty easily pleased when it comes to movies, so you'd expect that.
Am giving some consideration to buying a house. The thing is, I want to live by myself, given that I'm the only person I'm capable of living with (extremely low annoyance tolerance and unwillingness to spend any time improving it), but in this city, if I want to be doing that, it will cost at least $150 a week for a liveable place. And if I'm spending that much every week, I may as well be paying back a house, rather than lining the pockets of some fat bastard landlord. And if I do end up going to live in the Great Satan for five or six years while I do a Phd, that is if someone will give me a fat scholarship and entrance into one of those flash graduate schools, I can get tenants in the house, and I can become one of those fat bastard landlords whose pockets get lined!!! But then there is the whole coming up with the money thing, and just for a change, thats where my plan falls flat.
Sexy voice guy has just been munched by the alien. Bugger. Oh yay, heres Ripley, come to save the day in manner of Mighty Mouse or similar. Time for bed now I think, 1.15am, and have to go to work in the morning. Hey, 11 o'clock is still technically morning, cos thats about when I'll be arriving at the office!
A gazillion things to do this week, and about 50 hours work is included in that. Bizzo.