Monday, September 26, 2005

Bare feet like a tomboy, and a crooked smile....

Its very late and I'm very tired.
I watched Hotel Rwanda on Friday, then had genocide dreams.
I didn't watch anything on Saturday but I had some strange dreams in which me and Hugh Laurie were riding around on a bike and he was so nice and then J Lo was in a class I was teaching and I finally got to tell her what a filthy skank she is and how she shouldn't wear fur and she should keep her fucking clothes on, and then we (me and Hugh) went to a service station cos he had to drop off his washing and Oprah was there doing the washing and there was a big comfy sofa and I sat down and had a rest while Hugh checked the air in the bike tyres and he kept hugging me, not creepy but all nice and friendly.
Woke up thoroughly confused.
Have managed to turn 9 chapters in three different books into 32 handwritten pages of notes, of which I turned about 18 into nine and a half pages in the computer. Only two chapters to go and the remaining pages to go into the computer before Wednesday, and a thousand word response paper by Tuesday and another three articles turned into summaries in the manner of the above chapters by Friday and then an outline of my final paper by next Tuesday and a literature review and abstract of an article I'm writing by the week after.
This is the reason I've left the house precisely once since I got home on Friday afternoon.


EDIT: Check this.
Pick self up off floor, repeat.