Saturday, September 17, 2005

Yay, but also Boo

Just quickly.
The good news is that yay for New Zealand not (initial results say...) voting Dr Brash PM, and sticking with good old Auntie Helen. Yay.
National did pretty well in both party and list votes however, but neither of these was at the expense of Labour, instead the smaller parties suffered. Which is great, because those bastards ACT lost seats (party mantra: The Market Knows Best), but sucked for the Greens, because the world's first interesting MP no longer has a seat in parliament.
Yes, dear old Nandor is out of a job. Poor Nandor. Job offers to

All of this is completely academic for yours truly however, because I live in a country governed by a chimp and his handlers, who, incidentally, would fit in just nicely at an ACT convention.

Anyway, take that Don Brash, and your "New Zealand should totally revoke our nuclear free policy so the US will love us again".
How about no, Don. How about a Big Fuck Off Resounding Cape Reinga to the Bluff NO!!

Ok, so the results weren't quite that definitive, but hey. Living in America does strange things to a girl's brain.

Also to her waistline. I'm getting fat(ter). Shit.
Time to go. Party imminent.