Friday, September 30, 2005

None of my fears are as dear to me...

Don't really have anything going on, just wanted to make a post so I would have something to show for my day.
Have done fuck-all.
Have also apparently lost the ability to use first person pronouns.


So, whats going on, peoples?
I watched three hours of telly last night.
****Alias spoiler alert****
I can't believe they killed Vaughn. Hes so pretty. Maybe its a cover for his other identity or something. I also watched CSI and ER. My life is as fascinating as herpes is romantic.

I've recently found out that when I go home for the summer (plan ahead much?) I can work on the project I was working on before I left, because the government just keeps coming with the dollars. Yay for them.
Speaking of dollars, my wee niece Rosie has got it sorted. She's not yet three, but everytime she goes to Dad's house the first thing she says is "Have you got any dollars Grandad?" and makes him give her money. Straight for the wallet, she'll go far.
I may also be able to get "experience credit" for this work as well, so I don't have to do summer classes. Too hot here for me in the summer. I'm a heat-wimp. I would much rather go home and have two winters a year.

I ordered a cellphone today. Its supposedly arriving on Wednesday. Wizzo.

I might be going on a roadtrip in a couple of weeks. It might be a pisstrip. I need to find out if its a go. Buffalo and Toronto and back again, could be fun. So Mike, is it a go?

Anybody who lives in Canada, can you buy eyelash dye there? You can't buy it in America, cos apparently its "dangerous". No more bloody dangerous than the federal government if you ask me, but no one did so I'll shut up. The thing about being a bit of a ginge is that unless I get my eyelashes and eyebrows dyed every eight weeks it looks like I don't have any. And thats not a good look. And I really can't be bolloxed with mascara, I just want to be pretty without any effort. Really, is that too much to ask???
Having said that however, I just waxed my eyebrows. Waxing stuff is fun, so it doesn't really count as effort.

Today we had a big famous social theorist come to my theory class. There was lots of food, some of which managed to find its way into my bag and is now waiting for me downstairs in the fridge.

OK this is just silly. I'm off to find inspiration.

Or get drunk, I haven't decided yet.