Sunday, September 11, 2005

"May you live in interesting times..."

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess called Bella. She was a lovely lass, very spoiled as child and therefore accustomed to getting whatever she wanted, a tendancy to wear her heart on her sleeve, and had no time whatsoever for silly games. Straight to the point, that was our heroine. Anyway, this girl went to central New York and met two boys. The first boy, we will call BBM. This boy possessed a kind of animal magnetism, the kind of man that women would stare at in the street, partly because he was TTT* but also because he was incredibly hot. However, BBM was a bit of a player. Mr Mixed Messages, first being all aloof, and then calling up our heroine because "I haven't talked to you for a few days" and "I wanted to say hi and see how you are doing". So Bella was, understandably, not sure if she was meant to be seeing this boy or not, and not entirely sure if she even wanted to be. While he was most hot, there remains a certain element of self-preservation within our heroine, despite previous evidence to the contrary.
At the same time that Bella met BBM, she also met TCWMIA. Now this guy was something else. He was sweet, funny, great company, open and that kind of attractive that increases with every meeting. Without going into details, and while our heroine's virtue remains intact, there was recently An Incident at a party, during which TCWMIA made it reasonably clear that at least some of the feelings and attraction Bella had for him were reciprocated. Upon their next meeting, without the benefits of alcohol to liberate one's tongue, it appeared to our heroine that it was Not Just The Booze Talking, but she has been known to overanalyse things to the nth degree. It's why she is a pretty good scholar, but also explains why shes a bit of a head-case.
Now, because our heroine has a tendancy to overthink things, and to get her knickers into a knot over the smallest thing, or lack thereof; instead of spending today doing the obscene amount of reading she needs to be doing for school, she sits at her computer, listening to tunes and blogging about shit. She is about to start week three of a five year PhD programme, which is taking about 60-70 hours a week of her time, and really doesn't have time to be seeing boys, no matter how good looking they may be.
Oh what a dilemma.
Currently our heroine has two phrases running through her mind. The first being the title of this post, "may you live in interesting times", because if nothing else, things are certainly interesting. Never a dull moment.
And the second phrase?
"It never rains, but it pours".

* Taller Than Tim