Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Emmy Blog: Live updates from the sofa

I have a weakness for awards shows. Its like a car crash, I know its wrong, but I can't look away. I've got myself all set up here with some reading in case it gets boring (like I'm going to do any work) and a glass of wine and its all go.

Blythe Danner just won for Huff. Shes a class act, and told the crowd to get the troops out of Iraq. Did you know that Kiefer Sutherland used to babysit her daughter?

Zach Braff and Hugh Laurie presented an award, and Hugh started talking then Zach turns to him with a funny look and says "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realise we were doing British accents".
Comedy gold.

......time passes because Asomgyee just came by to give me some fliers about a dance party on Thursday......

S.Epatha something just won something and did lots of crying and lost her speech down the front of her dress.
I think I missed about 45 minutes there, talking to Asomgyee. Oops.

Jon Stewart is funny.

Lots of "Outstanding director" things, come on, who really cares.
And I would have thought that we were all so happy that "Everybody thinks Raymond is a twat" has finished, please stop giving it awards. It sucked. Badly.

I will be a bit pissed off if Hugh doesn't win for "House". I love "House". Perhaps that had already been hinted at.
Am going to stop now, before I lose what little readership I have.

EDIT: Sela Ward is one classy woman. Beautiful, elegant, and not 18 and blonde. Go her.

....Here it is, Hugh is up.....Cross fingers......The award goes to....
James Spader?!?!
Like he does a better job in yet another fucking legal drama than Hugh Laurie does!!
Hugh is awesome!! He rocks, and James Spader is well, ok, but fairly generic.
Bloody awards shows suck arse.
Still, I got to see this guy for a little bit.

Time to give this shit up.

A real post coming at a later date. Maybe.

THIS JUST IN: Best comedy series nominees.
Scrubs? Dead funny.
Arrested Development? Original, irreverent, great.
Everybody Thinks Raymond is a Knobrash? Boring, derivative, perpetrator of negative stereotypes, completely unfunny, makes one want to eat glass as an alternative to watching this cack.
Who wins?
You guessed. The same people who turned down the opportunity to give Hugh Laurie an award for being FUCKING AWESOME and chose William Shatner as best supporting actor instead of the marvellous Naveen Andrews.
I'm rolling my eyes, as we speak.